Looking back over the entire module I can say that I have learned so much, both professionally and personally. I have found a confidence which I never had before and instead of shying away from new tasks I now look forward to the challenge.
For example, I was asked to build a small recording studio in Skibbereen and Bandon Credit Union and learn how to record radio ads as up to this the credit union had to outsource this work to a company in Cork city which didn’t suit quick turn around times or the use of staff voices to add a more personal touch.
I quickly did the research on the equipment required and learned how to use Audacity an open source software solution for recording and mixing tracks. We now produce all radio ads for use on RedFM and C103FM in-house using team members voices, this has been a complete success.

On a personal note for many years I felt I had dyslexia but lacked a reason to get assessed, however on starting the master’s course last January I decided the time had finally come for me to face my demons and seek professional advice. I was formally diagnosed in April of this year and I must say it felt like a load had been lifted. Dyslexia had held me back during my school years but since the diagnoses, I feel more determined to complete my masters and finally have a recognised accreditation.
As I completed each part of this assignment I began to grow a little in confidence, the talk in CIT brought a realisation that marketing works best when its kept simple and so my plans of keeping our message simple and targeted for the credit union seemed validated which certainly helped.

After attending the Amplify Conference and seeing how others were using video to communicate their messages I again felt reassured that focusing on local people and businesses in our marketing videos will resonate with the viewers.
Completing the Google IQ test was another step on the road to a confident Google Analyser a very important skill to have in any digital marketing role.
The biggest challenge for me in this assignment was creating and running a complete digital marketing plan for a local charity cycle event. This took so much more time than I expected. However, we managed to run a successful event, with all the riders coming home safely and increasing the amount of money raised on the previous year, so all in all, it was a success.
My final task was to run a direct marketing campaign for Skibbereen and Bandon Credit Union. The credit union has a large database of twenty-five thousand members but in the past had not used this direct channel to it members. The challenge was to build a product that could benefit from a direct approach. We decided to launch a new agri package called ACRE an acronym for ‘Agri Credit for Rural Development’ which was not only targeting farmers but everyone living in rural parts of our common bond. The idea was to help support rural living and employment. This launch was a big success for the credit union, the direct channel we used was text messaging and not emails as planned but this worked well for us.

My academic writing skills have also shown some steady improvement over the term, after receiving my diagnosis of dyslexia I then made an appointment to meet the CIT Disability Support Service and received some wonderful information and advice from them. The stressed the importance of software such as Webspiration Pro and Grammarly, both of which I now always use both for college and in work I and think these steps has led to improved writing skill overall.

A highlight for me this semester was been chosen for best presentation in our final assignment for The Digital Consumer elective. This was my first time presenting and I put a lot of work into preparing for it. I was thrilled to be selected as all of my classmates had excellent presentations and it was a tight competition.

In my development plan, I stated my desire to get a full-time position in marketing and I had achieved that ahead of schedule as I was recently offered and accepted a full-time role as Digital Marketing Manager in Skibbereen and Bandon Credit Union and I am thrilled to now be in regular, full-time employment.